Project: Youfoodz Berrinba Distribution Facility
Owner: LOGOS
Builder: Wiley & Co Pty Ltd
Address: 19 Hashim Place, Berrinba


In partnership with LOGOS, Wiley & Co Pty Ltd has brought to life the cutting-edge Youfoodz Berrinba Distribution Facility at 19 Hashim Place. This facility, designed for optimum efficiency, boasts a split layout for Office and Processing spaces.

Key Highlights:

  • 10,000m² of precisely laid internal concrete slabs, tailored for diverse work areas.
  • 2,000m² office space, utilizing Bondek formwork for Level 1 suspended concrete slab.
  • 7,000m² concrete hardstand, coupled with asphalt driveway and carpark.


  • Detailed setout and excavation, ensuring proper falls for processing area slabs.
  • Advanced Topcon Total Station for accurate positioning of ridges, valleys, and more.
  • Innovative in-situ coved concrete hobs over 1,000m long for enhanced functionality.
  • Seamlessly integrated loading docks with proprietary suspended edgeform.
  • 150m in-situ concrete crash barrier, ensuring external hardstand safety.


The Youfoodz Berrinba Distribution Facility stands as a testament to collaborative prowess, merging innovation with practicality. This project exemplifies modern construction's ability to create spaces that harmonize operational efficiency, durability, and aesthetic finesse.