Our Advantages

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CMD is the Kraftur® methodology that delivers A Concrete Advantage. CMD enables Kraftur® to control all aspects of every project, so we can help all stakeholders take full command of the works and deliver a consistently high performance.

Every project’s success relies on each stakeholder and element to work in unison:

  • Designers
  • Suppliers
  • Builders
  • Concrete layers
  • The working environment.

In order to gain control of each of these variables, we need to determine and accurately articulate the value we bring to each stage.

Involving Kraftur® at every step helps all stakeholders take full control of the project.


Kraftur® brings a wealth of engineering expertise, qualifications and experience to every client project, offering a detailed knowledge of concreting, which can be leveraged to the benefit of all stakeholders at each stage, from planning to execution.

Kraftur® has maintained close relationships with market-leading suppliers and subcontractors, allowing our customers to save more money, exact tighter quality controls, lessen waste and reduce environmental impact on every project. Kraftur® also often manages the process of concrete mix design by engaging an independent concrete technologist when necessary.

With decades of proven expertise, Kraftur® is an industry leader in concreting technology, equipment, plants and machinery – and we offer several proprietary innovations that improve overall efficiency and provide a perfect finish. Our innovative systems are expertly synchronised and choreographed, delivering a performance that sets us apart from other concrete contractors.

If you are looking for the best possible service and delivery for your concreting project, contact us now:

We work in concrete. We have systems, innovations and standards that deliver a distinct advantage that manifests in a higher standard of workmanship and mitigated risk.

We don’t just lay concrete, we deliver to our clients: A Concrete Advantage.


Kraftur® recognises that the advancement of our people and our industry is of paramount importance. As such, we provide career pathways that include entry-level training, professional development and fostering industry-leading, benchmark skill-sets. Our people are taught to focus on attention to detail, teamwork, and impeccable results – leading the industry by example.


Enhancing the working life of our people with superior technology provides better working conditions, longer career paths, and better results for our clients. We are always searching for a better way, a smarter solution or a new benchmark in order to provide transparency, create consistency and surpass expectations.


Combining these elements creates results, much like coaching an elite sporting team, delivering a well choreographed performance. We march in lock step as a crew, and deliver the highest benchmark in the concreting industry. Like any other high performing team we are always working to a game-plan, but with the skill and experience to also be responsive to ever-changing conditions.