Kraftur 8th Year Anniversary

Billy Ocean sings “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” The powerful positive energy from Billy Oceans 80’s song is living in the Kraftur Crew in 2022.     This year has been a true test of grit, as we have valiantly confronted mounting work demands with limited resources.  But showing great tenacity, our team continues to shine!   Grit, hard work, working with good partners, a “can-do” mindset and a dose of positive humour has seen the Kraftur Crew triumph over the year to meet and exceed some incredible goals.

Passing a 200 Milestone

Kraftur reached our 200-project milestone this year with a record 38 Contracts worked on in 2022.    Kraftur has poured and finished over 3 million square meters of concrete in our 8-year history delivering a seriously hard to break concrete milestone!

Considering Mother Nature

The construction industry and concrete in particular leaves behind a huge carbon footprint.  2022 has seen Kraftur at the forefront of sustainable construction, collaborating with leading concrete suppliers and key clients to understand and develop processes to place and finish more environmentally friendly concrete mixes. 

We have completed a 20,000m2 heavy duty truck pavement using Borals Invisia®; a full 6,000m2 flat burnished Industrial warehouse with Holcims Ecopact; and a heavy-duty container pavement with Hanson Ecoterra product. 

At Kraftur, we know that sustainability isn’t something any one of us can tackle alone – it’s a collective effort.    Kraftur sees achieving outcomes will require a shift in expectations, processes, and investment.

Club Medlog by the Bay

A crew of positive Kraftur Med-loggers have been hard at work delivering 72,000m2 of container rated concrete pavements at the Port of Brisbane with our “not so-ordinary construction company” partner, McNAB Constructions. The pace of construction has been incredible, driven by a strong demand for container space.    Concrete pavements are handed over to container handlers shortly after the curing period is completed with construction continuing around an active container handling site.

Complexity enabling Youfoodz simplicity

Kraftur completed one of its most complex projects ever, delivering all the concrete works to the new Youfoodz facility in Karawatha QLD.  The 25,000m2 facility included over 1km of technical food preparation coved hobs; 180 stainless steel bollards, freezers, oven bases, washdown areas to falls and the list goes on…   The complex detail involved would give even the most seasoned construction professional a headache.   Drawing on our extensive investments in personnel and equipment, Kraftur leveraged the expertise of our friends at Position Partners and harnessed digital solutions to bring this project home for the project delivery people, Wiley.

Winning with Vaughan Construction

Winnings Appliances has a new home in a massive 70,000m2 LOGOS developed facility in Wacol QLD. With all concrete works supplied and installed by the Kraftur Crew, from footings to the final council driveway crossover.  

Despite Mother Nature’s wrath, labour shortages and mounting material prices during the project, Kraftur persevered through it all and proudly presented a full supply scope from footings to final council cross over to Vaughan Constructions who focus on building customers, like Logos, for life.    

Defending Australia

Kraftur has completed several large Defence projects for Major Tier 1 Building Contractors.  In 2022 Kraftur completed a multimillion-dollar, “full supply and install” concrete structural package, for all the Concrete works to the Land121 project at Gallipoli Barracks.  Kraftur will continue to be a major trade subcontractor delivering Defence projects to Australia

Stronger Together

Kraftur has elevated employee engagement to the next level – it’s no longer a hollow buzzword, but an achievable reality.  2022 saw a genuine transformation in company culture, catapulting us to the top of every employee’s wish list!  Defending our RDO’s, recognition of great efforts, empowering the crew and just listening were just a few of the things that were integrated into the Kraftur culture.  We look forward to continuing this drive of positive change into 2023!

Our Mental Health and in the Spirit of the Season

Our industry is brutal with many of us work in uncomfortable, noisy, and stressful workplaces.    Commercial limitations with hard contracts, containing painful penalties and sometimes “very hard to achieve” program requirements, coupled with a severe lack of resources, have many industry employees from labourers to business owners stretched to the limits. 

Kraftur recognises these challenges.  We now choose to work for clients that provide the best environment for our people and are understanding and open to solving problems.   We work proactively with both employees and clients to manage the darkness of poor mental health and we express our gratitude and thanks to those clients that have worked with us on this challenge and continue to do so in 2023.

This year Kraftur® will again donate money to the Black Dog Institute charity in lieu of client Christmas gifts.

May we take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We are looking forward to a successful 2023 with our team, clients and partners!