Kraftur 9th Year Anniversary

The joy of a business formed over a Christmas break 9 years ago is that every year we enjoy a well-earned break and celebrate another successful year in business.

Honouring an Industry Legacy

2023 Saw Kraftur® founding partner Andrew Tessmann retiring from the industry. With nearly 4 decades in the game, Andrew has been a pillar in the concreting industry. Andrew has a strong story of grit and commitment riding the highs and lows of the tough concrete trade construction industry. It’s been an honour for Kraftur® to rise with Andrew and see him retire from the industry with pride.

Arrow Sharp with McNab at POB

2023 we celebrated a 10-Project Milestone over 3 years with McNAB completing the Arrow Project at the Port of Brisbane!  In the 3 years, We’ve placed an impressive 210,000m2 of concrete at the port, including warehouses, container pavements, driveways, workshops, and offices. 

Kraftur® is proud of how we’ve minimised the physical strain from hard manual screeding on these onerous projects with our investment in equipment.  We’ve negotiated no pours on every Kraftur®’s RDO calendar day, guaranteeing our hardworking crew get a well-deserved break.  We’ve prioritised fair compensation for our team working family-unfriendly night shifts through dedicated budget negotiations ensuring people who work night shifts receive the correct rates, empowering them with extra cash for themselves and their loved ones.

A Strong Candel Light with VC

Kraftur® continues to deliver a strong pipeline of projects partnering with respected industrial builder Vaughan Construction; completing 101,000m2 over two major industrial projects: CEVA and Candel. The Kraftur® Crew has delivered these full structural supply projects from footings to final council crossover. Kraftur® is proud of the strong personal relationships fostered with the professional team from VC.

Living the Dream

Kraftur®’s Dream of being the go-to concrete contractor for both small and large complex industrial projects have come to fruition in a Field of Dreams. Kraftur® is over halfway delivering one of the largest industrial and manufacturing buildings in QLD with over 90,000m2 of complex manufacturing, food processing and warehousing concrete work. Strong new relationships are being crafted by the Crew on this exciting build.

Consistent Chrisco Cheer

After completing the Youfoodz project Kraftur® walked across the road to tackle the Chrisco project working to a tight schedule finishing the project ahead of schedule enabling Chrisco Cheer to be delivered across SE Queensland.  We are proud to walk back across the road to complete the next project in this prestigious Logos Industrial estate being the consistent trade concreter across all three projects in the estate.

Taking Stock with CIP

Long time Kraftur® partner, CIP continues to deliver a strong portfolio of projects for industrial developer Stocklands. Kraftur® has completed all concrete works from Stage 1 to 3 of Stocklands prestigious development in Yatala. In 2024 Kraftur® commenced works for all concrete from footings to final cross over on Stage 4 Yatala.

Strong Kraftur® Values


At Kraftur®, we don’t just build concrete; we build relationships on trust and a legacy of unwavering values. In 2023 we articulated our strong values that define us in every way; they are the driving force behind our culture, shaping the way our crew works together and delivers results to our clients.

M&M Health

Both Mental Health and Men’s Health have been strong issues challenging Kraftur® over the years. This year in lieu of corporate gifts Kraftur® will make a significant donation to worthy charities that do good work in both Mental Health and Men’s Health. Donations were given to the Black Dog Institute and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

May we take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We are looking forward to a successful 2024 with our team, clients, and partners!