Project: RSAF Oakey Apron Expansion Stage 6
Builder: FKG
Address:RSAF Oakey


The upgrade of facilities at the Oakey Army Aviation Centre included airfield infrastructure upgrades in the form of three new aircraft pavement helicopter landing pads and sub-soil drainage works, that included a grated drain, fire hydrant risers and a SPEL Stormceptor tank slab.

Scope of works:

Aircraft pavement works:

  • Supply and installation of custom-engineered timber aircraft pavement forms that conform to tight specification tolerances regarding formwork alignment, level, movement and dowel positioning.
  • Place and finish aircraft pavement concrete according to specification, using counter rotating tube paver or vibrating truss screed and bridge, while monitoring and maintaining optimal environmental conditions for concrete, as specified.
  • Wet curing concrete for seven days, while maintaining concrete above specified min temperature threshold in cold weather.
  • Jointing as per BECA specification

Subsoil Drainage works:

  • Formwork to all drains slabs and risers.
  • Reinforcement fixing as required.
  • Place and finish of all concrete.