The Roaring 20’s

The 2020’s are set to introduce some amazing changes and advancements to our industry and our partnerships. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing partners in 2019, and with their help have achieved some benchmark results.

As we celebrate our 5th anniversary with a new brand we are looking forward to next year and wanted to share some of the best of 2019 and some of what’s coming for our team and partners.

Seeing Double with McNab

What do you do when you suddenly have 2 large projects to deliver simultaneously–possibly stretching your capacity? You choose good partners, innovate and invest. McNab secured two large civil container hardstand projects in July 2019. Both Projects involved onerous programs and required detailed construction methodology. An awesome challenge to have.

McNab wanted to partner with Kraftur® as they had recently completed similar work together, but the dual workload would require an engineered delivery on a larger scale. To ensure excellence, Kraftur® custom engineered a 3 layered formwork system for the challenging joints required on the project.

This innovation would enable increased efficiencies and quality of work.

Kraftur’s small Copperhead laser screed was insufficient to complete one of the projects. Rather than leave half of their work-force hand placing the technical concrete, Kraftur® fast- tracked their planned investment to purchase our second S485 Laser screed.

Thanks to McNab’s partnership and these innovations and investments both projects were completed in record time with very satisfied clients.

I’d like to thank Shepcon/ Kraftur for their professional undertaking and quality finished product achieved recently at our Wemyss project site. Each supervisor was dedicated to both quality and safety, and a tight program was achieved with ease.
This was supported by each of you. A great job, a fantastic end product, and a very happy client.
David Morfee, Foreman | McNab

Concrete Wrapped in Bubble Wrap

Kraftur’s partner FKG contracted us to construct Aircraft Pavement for helicopter landing pads at Oakey Airforce Base in August this year. A great project. Also an interesting challenge... August in Oakey means temperatures can be hovering around 0 Degrees Celsius through the night. Chilly for our concreters, but they can handle it. Unfortunately, aircraft pavement can’t. Aircraft Pavement Specification dictates the concrete temperature must remain above 10 degrees during the first 72 hours of curing. The concrete needed to be kept warm.


We crafted a solution by wrapping the concrete in bubble wrap and keeping it wet with water and hessian that had a temperature above 15 Degrees Celsius. The concrete blankets worked. Proof of concept tests showed concrete temperature always greater than 10 Degrees Celsius.

So, Kraftur® bubble wrapped 2000m2 of concrete. We love our concrete so much we BUBBLE WRAP it!

Big congrats on your fine work at OAKEY! Yesterday was the first time I had a chance to see your finished product. Excellent. David Vincenzino, our GM saw photos of your grated drain and commented that it was first class. As usual, working with Murray’s Team was both educational for me and fun! So well done, please pass on my thanks to your team.
Peter Veal, Senior Project Manager | FKG

Better Careers - Better Concrete

Plant and technology achieves more than great results

Kraftur’s investment in plant and technology has paid huge dividends in the daily work life of our staff as well as in the excellent results we have achieved. Kraftur® has invested close to $1 Million on new technology this year including an Allen’s Triple Tube Roller Paver, a new Somero S485, S15R Laser Screed and Somero’s latest 3D profiling system.

“If your concreters are working very hard you are doing it wrong. Smart work gets better results.”
Adrian Prevost, Director

These investments enhance the working life of our people–with superior technology providing better working conditions, longer career paths, and better results for our clients.

Our capability remains unmatched in SE Queensland with multiple experienced teams, 4 Somero Laser Screeds and a fleet of 13 Allen’s ride-on troweling machines providing an ability to work simultaneously on 2 burnished floor projects, and having redundancies for each project.

We love searching for a better way and smarter solutions to provide transparency, create consistency and to surpass expectations. 2020 will see massive investments to our plant, equipment and training of our team.

Advancing our Industry

What happens in Vegas...

Kraftur® are not just building excellence in concrete, we are building successful careers, and leading by example in the development of the next generation of concreters. Our team recently chose two delegates from their ranks to attend the World of Concrete conference in Las Vegas in January for advanced industry training.

“Build a strong team, and you are building better results.”
Andrew Tessmann, Head of Operations

Our team is our strength and as a team and a business we have evolved. That is why we relaunched our brand this year. Kraftur® means “strength” in icelandic. In 2020 Kraftur® will continue to lead Australia with our investment in our team, technology, plant and equipment creating a new benchmark of excellence in the concrete industry. In addition to our existing traineeship programs, 2020 will also see more training opportunities for our staff.

In the Spirit of the Season

This year Kraftur® will again donate money to the Black Dog Institute charity in lieu of client Christmas gifts. Mental health remains a massive challenge in our industry and we respect and support the Institute’s work. We have not forgotten those doing it tough on the land and have added another donation to the Buy a Bale Charity.

54 Concrete Soccer Pitches

In 2019 Kraftur® delivered enough concrete to cover 54 FIFA regulation football fields, this has included setting the benchmark in aircraft pavement completing three aircraft pavement projects at Amberley Airbase, Oakey Airbase and the Gold Coast Airport.

Our continued passion for high-end industrial floors has resulted in amazing consistency and high flatness finishes which have been recognised internationally.

With 160,000m2 in committed projects already for 2020 with most of the work to be completed in the first quarter, we will be completing a lot more soccer fields of concrete next year.

Merry Christmas and a special thank you to the partners we worked with in 2019:

Douglas Construction and Engineering FKG
Hansen Yuncken
John Holland
Lend Lease
Delta Group