Project: RAAF Amberley Growler Aircraft Pavement Stage 1
Builder: QBC/Lend Lease
Address:RAAF Base Amberley


The first phase of the Growler aircraft pavement apron involved the installation of almost 6000m2 of aircraft pavement, consisting of a 150mm thick lean mix sub-base and a 375mm thick flexural pavement. Project specification had onerous requirements for finished apron pavement level, slope and density, which Kraftur® delivered through consultation with the managing contractor and concrete supplier, as well as through innovative solutions planned and delivered on the job-site.

Scope of works:

  • Place and finish lean mix sub-base.
  • Supply and installation of custom engineered timber aircraft pavement formwork that conformed to tight specification tolerances regarding formwork alignment, level, movement and dowel positioning.
  • Place and finish aircraft pavement concrete according to specification, using a counter rotating tube paver or vibrating truss screed and bridge, while monitoring and maintaining optimal environmental conditions for concrete, as specified.
  • Wet curing of concrete for 24 hours.
  • Jointing of apron pavement as specified.