Project: Bandara Street Warehouse Stage 1 & 2
Builder: McNab
Developer: MADAD Investments


Kraftur® was engaged by McNab for the internals, place, and finish concrete package at the new Bandara Street Richlands Warehouse Stage 1 & 2. Kraftur® worked closely with the McNab project team to achieve the smooth and seamless delivery of both warehouse stages.
Kraftur®’s promise to deliver a Concrete Advantage was achieved, by delivering a quality product that both the client and builder were very happy with. Kraftur® achieved Internal floors with ratings of FF=84.18 / FL=77.28 for Stage 1 warehouse and FF = 104.99 / FL = 83.08 for stage 2 warehouse, exceeding the specified FF=50 / FL=30.

Scope of works:

  • Armour joint supply and install.
  • Internal Warehouse FRC burnished slab place and finish – 9,230 m2 Stage 1 warehouse and 14,030m2 stage 2 warehouse
  • Curing supply and install