Project: Yatala Distribution centre – Stocklands, Warehouse D & C
Builder: McNab
Address: 14 Dixon St, Yatala QLD 4207


Kraftur® won this contract by committing to the tight program finish date and budget. We offered A Concrete Advantage with our grunt capacity to finish the project on time and to deliver a quality floor. Kraftur® completed the two internal floors on time, with ratings of FF 87 FL 54 for Warehouse D, and FF 77 FL 44 for Warehouse C, exceeding the specified FF50 FL35.

Scope of works:

  • Detailed excavation.
  • Edgeform, reinforcement and joint supply and installation.
  • Foundations concrete place and finish.
  • Internal warehouse FRC burnished slab place and finish: 8,300 m2 warehouse D and 5,200m2 warehouse C.
  • External Pavement, Paths and Outbuilding slabs place and finish – 10,000 m2. warehouse D and 3,80 m2 Warehouse C.