Dipsticks® are recognised worldwide as the instrument of record for accurate and repeatable floor flatness and levelness measurements.

Kraftur® measures all our industrial floors and provide comprehensive floor flatness and levelness reports at completion of all projects.

Kraftur® own two dipstick profilers and have recently upgraded one dipstick to the latest hardware and software of the Dipstick 2277 profiler.

Dipstick 2272 - Flat floor - Kraftur®

Dipstick® 2272

Dipstick 2277 Profiler - Flat Floor - Kraftur®

Dipstick® 2277

The Dipstick 2277 has a brand new computer screen making much easier to read in the sun. The screen is larger, so the graph of each profile is larger and easier to analyse. The computer has no keyboard. It’s been replaced by a virtual keyboard, so there is no worry about the keyboard getting wet from rain or perspiration.

Contact one of our Flat Floor professors for more information on constructing and measuring Flat industrial floors.

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