Project: Ernies Roundabout
Builder: McIlwain Civil
Address: Northern Busway Royal Brisbane Hospital QLD


The Ernies roundabout project consisted of placing a concrete apron around an existing roundabout at the Northern busway, next to the Royal Brisbane Hospital. A Fibre reinforced concrete pavement design was utilised in lieu of traditional bar and mesh reinforcement. Pours were completed with Kraftur®’s truss screed to MRTS39 and MRTS40 requirements. Kraftur® faced some difficulties working around a busy operational roundabout with tricky pour layout and a truss screed, but was able to deliver a quality result and our client A Concrete Advantage.

Scope of works:

  • Grey card Induction completion.
  • Edgeform, reinforcement and joint installation.
  • Lean Mix sub-base place and finish (MRTS39 Specification) – 1800 m2.
  • FRC Concrete Pavement place and finish (MRTS40 Specification) – 1800 m2.
  • Surface finish with custom made tine broom.