Project: DNV Transport
Owner: Port of Brisbane
Builder: McNab
Address: 57-63 Radar Street, Lytton QLD 4178


Kraftur® was engaged by McNAB to fix reo, form, place and finish a warehouse, miscellaneous slabs and new container hardstand development for DNV Transport rented by Port of Brisbane. Kraftur® implement all their technological advancements as commercial concrete contractors, truly providing their client with A Concrete Advantage. By working closely with the Civil subcontractor and using Kraftur®’s Somero laser screed S485, coupled with our 3D machine controller, we achieve less than 1% overall in concrete wastage. Completing the project ahead of schedule, under budget, and with an exceptional quality finish appreciated by the client and end users.Great work by the Kraftur® crew on this project led to a fantastic result.

Scope of works:

  • Survey set-out.
  • Fix reinforcing SL 91 mesh.
  • Place and finish fibre reinforced concrete to warehouse and wash bay slabs 2,200m2.
  • Form, reo, place and finish Light duty hardstand and miscellaneous slabs 1,700m2.
  • Place and finish fibre reinforced concrete to container specification hardstand 320mm thick – 6,250m2.
  • Curing
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Jarrod Tenamu Foreman

" What can I say except 'thank you'. This is arguably the best job in terms of quality, pace and organisation I have been involved with in recent memory. Disregarding the size/number of pours/dollar value of the project, nothing in all the years of successful projects we have worked together has compared to this. Not to single out any one person, as the entire workforce engaged, but Keysey's commitment, focus, tenacity and above all safety was unmatched. Our team and especially Joel and myself, can't wait to see you all and Peter on the next project. The already high bar has been lifted enormously. 28 pour zones in five weeks is phenomenal. "